upgrade 7 -> 7.2

Pieter Donche Pieter.Donche at ua.ac.be
Mon May 25 12:30:30 UTC 2009

I have to upgrade a few FreeBSD7 machines to FreeBSD7.2
(this is new to me)
One machine has very few third party ports installed (33), the other
over 600 ... One of the steps is # portupgade -af, to rebuild all third 
party software..  this took 27 minutes on the 33 packages machine..
So for 20 times more packages:  10 hours ???
Is this normal? 
Also, one I had one screen  asking for options for libiconv 1.11_1
where I had to tab to OK and press enter. 
What is the 600 packages system has 20 of more of such screens,
waiting for user input. Can't one make ik automatically accept the

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