What do ASCII codes 128-159 stand for?

Morgan Wesström freebsd-questions at pp.dyndns.biz
Mon May 25 08:31:04 UTC 2009

> Lars Eighner wrote:
>> That is all the ASCII codes there are.  ASCII is a a seven-bit standard.
>>  There is no such thing as ASCII codes from 160-255.  ASCII is a 7-bit
>> standard.  You cannot express 160 in seven bits.
>> No, because there are no ASCII codes between 128 and 159.  ASCII is a
>> 7-bit
>> standard.
>> which as I have mentioned, is a seven-bit standard.
> Just to clarify, are you saying that ASCII is a 7-bit standard?
> Innocently,
> Mike

I'm almost certain I've seen this exact discussion on an episode of "Red
Dwarf". ;-)


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