netbooks vs FreeBSD

Koichiro IWAO meta at
Sun May 24 17:27:33 UTC 2009


Gabor Kovesdan ????????:
> Hello,
> I'm about to buy a netbook, which:
> - is compatible with FreeBSD (wifi is especially important)
> - has a good battery life (at least 4 hours)
> - has a normal HDD not an SSD

I don't know about that you are going to buy, but I have Dell Inspiron 
mini 12.  One of the big problem with FreeBSD is the video Driver.
Most of netbooks have Intel Atom Z series CPU.  Atom Z series have
integrated chipset and video chip.

The integrated video chip Intel GMA 500 is not a original Intel product.
So X11 does not work with Intel driver and the driver is still 
unavailable.  VESA is the only available driver.

If you want use X11, do not forget to choose Atom N series.

Iwao, Koichiro <meta at>

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