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Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Sun May 24 13:33:53 UTC 2009

Wojciech Puchar escribió:
>> I'm about to buy a netbook, which:
>> - is compatible with FreeBSD (wifi is especially important)
>> - has a good battery life (at least 4 hours)
>> - has a normal HDD not an SSD
> point 2 and 3 is somehow incompatible - HDD takes more power. anyway 
> in order of few watts, compared to CPUs taking 20-50W, excluding those 
> really "mobile". so >4 hours on battery&HDD seems possible.
Yes, but buying anything is always about compromises. Recent HDD models 
are pretty good and I don't need the most hi-end model with an extreme 
battery life, just a reasonable uptime with HDD. I think I'll go for the 
Acer Aspire ONE. I haven't got comments from these lists about that 
model in particular but I googled a bit and it seems mostly everything 
works with it.

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