Crontab for different ime zones

Gustavo De Nardin gustavodn at
Sun May 24 05:10:38 UTC 2009

2009/5/24 GT <catch.all at>:
> Late entry to this thread, but...
> I thought I had found an answer to this; at present I think I might have
> been mistaken.
> My crontab has about a dozen jobs that need to run in
> TZ=America/New_York, and another dozen that ideally want
> TZ=Australia/Sydney... the server default is America/Chicago.


>    TZ=Australia/Sydney
>    * 13 * * * date >> /home/mysite/public_html/tmp/log.txt 2>&1
> cron will NOT run the script... I bet it will wait until 13:00 CHICAGO
> time.
> I have a feeling that I am missing something relatively simple - at
> which point my dream of a super-cron will be realised and the stupidity
> of DST can be ignored (as it ought to be... ). I also bet that someone
> else has worked this out already, somewhere in the internets tubes...
> but i have been unable to find it.

I don't think the regular cron works like that. Check out
ports/sysutils/fcron (man 5 fcrontab .. OPTIONS .. timezone ..).


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