backspace-key and ^H when ssh -X remote.

Gary Kline kline at
Sat May 23 06:04:15 UTC 2009


here's a bug with how the backspace key doesn't work across computers.
i'm not sure if there were troubles going from FBSD to FBSD, but there is
when i ssh from my ubuntu platform to my main desktop.  i do this to edit
files or for replying to mutt mail using vi.

going from ethos [ubuntu] to tao [fbsd] and using vi, the backspace key
is translated to \177 and is echoed as "^?".  it does not erase.  i have
to type 

% stty erase ^V [backspacekey]

to fix this problem. otherwise, to erase a character, i have to type a
control-H. it is exact the same problem going from fbsd to ubunto. 
has anybody seen this before?



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