How to recover disk space after "filesystem full"

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri May 22 16:38:44 UTC 2009

Luke Dean <LukeD at> writes:

> Yes, it sounds like a stupid question, but let me tell the story.
> The log for my dhcp server filled up /var last night, which meant that
> dhcpd was also unable to hand out new leases, which meant that I had
> effectively been DOSed.  I'll have to look into changing my logging
> policies.
> So, to correct the problem, I log into the router, removed the big
> log and several other files in /var to free up some space, and assumed
> this would correct the problem.
> It did not.
> Several minutes after freeing up a lot of space on /var, I continued
> to get "filesystem full" messages and "df" continued to show the
> capacity at >100%.  I checked "df -i" for the inodes too.  That was
> fine.  I ran a quick fsck to see if that might shock the system into
> seeing all the space that I'd freed up, but no good.
> I ended up rebooting the box.
> Was there any other possible solution I could've tried?
> Why wouldn't the free space immediately appear as free?

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