Do not copy kernel to kernel.old

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri May 22 16:12:09 UTC 2009

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Steve Bertrand <steve at> writes:
>> Many of my routers boot/run from a USB thumb stick. To upgrade these
>> routers, I "dd" the device onto another one, pop the backup into a build
>> machine, and do the normal build*/install* with a DESTDIR parameter.
>> If the upgraded device does not boot (due to kernel problems), I just
>> wipe it clean and start over.
>> Having a kernel.old in this case is a waste of time and of space. Is
>> there any parameter I can tell the build process to ensure that the
>> kernel.old work does not get done?
> Did you look at the makefiles or build(7)?  

No. I was not in the vicinity of a machine to do that at the time of my

I was hoping to get the info for later, when I need to do the builds,
which you provided:

> "reinstallkernel" was what you were
> looking for.


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