Problem with LOCK_PROFILING stats in 7.2

Nikola Knežević laladelausanne at
Fri May 22 12:21:23 UTC 2009


I'm using LOCK_PROFILING to, well, profile some locks in the module  
I'm working on. I also have INVARIANTS turned on. Numbers I'm getting  
look correct, however, name of the lock is strange (for some of the  
locks I'm using):

  25725     51777294     10979957     7331938     7     1        
408303       896814 /home/knl/work/mx/click/bsdmodule/..//include/ 
click/sync.hh:395 (sleep mutex:?? ?????Yf;??????? ??????:?????)

Why am I getting this instead of lock's real name: MasterLock[10060]?


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