My FreeBSD-current/Xen install notes

Michael David Crawford mdc at
Fri May 22 11:22:06 UTC 2009

> VIMAGE and jails are OS-level virtualization, orthogonal to Xen.

I want to run Xen so I can build and test Ogg Frog[1] on each of the 
target platforms I plan to support.  I built a fancy Xeon box so that I 
could even build and test on all the platforms simultaneously.

I also operate a couple Internet servers, which are themselves Xen DomUs 
at commercial Xen Virtual Private Server hosting services.

I'd like to place each service that they operate into a jail, so that if 
someone manages to bust in because of a security hole in one of the 
server programs, they would only be able to get at the contents of that 
particular jail.

But all of the jails are just subdivisions of a single operating system; 
I can't run other OSes within them.

     No, there is nothing to download yet.  Real Soon Now.

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