ndis0 interrrupt storm

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at onetel.com
Thu May 21 23:03:40 UTC 2009

Paul B. Mahol wrote:
> On 5/20/09, Chris Whitehouse <cwhiteh at onetel.com> wrote:

>> has this died a death? Anything else I can do? Should I file a PR?
> Perhaps donate some money, not to me directly :) , file a PR, send card
> with complete machine so that problem can be completly and promptly
> explored and etc...
yes specially the first. I could send the card but not the laptop though.
> I need message from DB kernel that is posted right away before kernel
> puts panic message. It is the trace for thread caused locking problems ....


> Just remmember that panic is one problem and interrupts storm is another.


Paul, I don't mind too much if this doesnt get fixed for me, I don't 
want to waste your time when some other solution like a supported usb 
wifi is not so expensive. If it is good for other people to get it fixed 
that's different, I'll do what I can to help.


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