Limiting resources in cron jobs

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at
Wed May 20 12:00:42 UTC 2009

On Saturday 16 May 2009 19:27:22 Kirk Strauser wrote:

> www:\
>          :cputime=300:\
>          :tc=default:
> I've run "cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf" to make that live.  Then, I used
> vipw to change www's class:
> www:*:80:80:www:0:0:World Wide Web Owner:/nonexistent:/usr/sbin/nologin
> However, I can trigger the error condition and watch the child
> Ghostscript process run for 6-7 minutes before I kill it.

Check with top what the CPU time is, it's not the same as the wall clock.

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