Geom_eli problems

Bernt Hansson bernt at
Wed May 20 02:06:16 UTC 2009

Mike Tancsa said the following on 2009-05-20 03:51:
> At 09:38 PM 5/19/2009, Bernt Hansson wrote:
>> geli attach -k /root/da0.key /dev/da0
>> geli: Cannot read metadata from /dev/da0: Invalid argument.
> Does your kernel config have device crypto in it ?


Id Refs Address    Size     Name
  1   11 0xc0400000 985c10   kernel
  3    1 0xc0d97000 6a2c4    acpi.ko
  4    1 0xc304a000 36000    ipl.ko
  5    1 0xc332f000 6000     i915.ko
  6    1 0xc3335000 f000     drm.ko
  7    1 0xc3627000 f000     geom_eli.ko

kldload crypto
kldload: can't load crypto: File exists

Writing and reading the usb stick works.
Newfs works. I'm quite surprised about this.

The usb memory is a kingston datatraveler 150, 64GB

I've had some "issues" with a 16Gb usb memory of the same brand
that i've got working finaly.

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