dell broadcom nic & fbsd 7.1 AMD64

Dean Weimer dweimer at
Tue May 19 12:59:38 UTC 2009

Have you tried the bge drivers instead of bce?  I have a Dell PowerEdge 2650 running 7.1 and it is using the bge drivers with no problems, though it is the running i386 and not amd64.

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>> ifconfig_bce0="inet netmask"
>>>and output from:
>>>   dhclient bc0
>> I ran that on a local machine and it hung up the interface, requiring a warm reboot.
>> I'll see what happens with my client's machine.
>I assume you substituted the correct interface name? (bce0 in place of bc0)

yes, sorry, bc was my mistake, rc.conf has/always had

ifconfig_bce0="inet netmask"

We are thinking about dropping back to 7.1 i386 (and losing the 600 MB RAM) or up to 7.2.

We have several Dell 1950/2950 with fbsd 7.0 and 7.1 that have had no problems with Broadcom.


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