kdb and mouse are disabled on HP Pavilion dv5210us by X.org 7.4.1 (7.2-R)

Saifi Khan saifi.khan at twincling.org
Tue May 19 06:03:02 UTC 2009

On Mon, 18 May 2009, Jin Guojun[VFF] wrote:

> Hi Saifi,
> Xorg 7.4_1 seems having some issues with dbus and hald.
> The --	Option	"AllowEmptyInput" "false" -- is the must, but dbus and hald
> can cause system useless.
> On this laptop, I only run dbus and hald once. Then I disabled both of them
> and X window works well.
> On a couple of Desktop machines (4-core Phenom and Intel P4+506) with GeForce
> graphic cards, without
> dbus and halt, X Window run fine except no F-key works. Enable and run dbus
> and hald, All F-key work,
> but output device is almost dead.
> Top shows system is completely idle, but typing will not show on any xterm
> till the mouse is moving.
> For example, run TOP on a xterm, the entire window system has no thing change.
> The clock of on the upper right
> corner of the "TOP" xterm is stopped (actually is running, but no output to
> display). Once mouse is moving,
> the clock and top section are updated. Once mouse stops moving, then no thing
> is change (no output anywhere).
> Similar to the typing. Typing a command will not show on the Xterm still mouse
> is moved. About less than 5%
> of time, I can type and see the output right way. Without dbus and hald
> running, there is no such problem.
> Has anyone encountered the same problem?
> The other main difference between this xorg.conf and previous on is the
> "Module" section.
> This xorg.conf, generated by X -configure, has -- Load  "dri2" where previous
> one has -- Load  "GLcore". I am not sure if this is an issue.
> -Jin

Hi Jin:

Yes, i've encountered the same symptom on both my servers:
 . Intel P4 + ATI Radeon
 . AMD64X2  + nVidia

So, what i do is move the mouse once and then get to the typing
of code/mail etc.

But once i use rich X based application like browser, krita, it
is very difficult and exasperating to use the app. Currently, i
just switch to my Gentoo laptop to access web browser /
graphics editing.

Thanks for sharing the observation or else this conversation
wouldn't have got started.


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