what is going to happend when installing a port

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Tue May 19 05:21:08 UTC 2009

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez wrote:
> Hi:
> I would like to know what other ports are going to be installed when I install 
> a port
> When I installed krb5 I notice it build and install a lot of ports.
> maps 

There are a few things you can try from inside the port directory to see
what else will get installed:

make missing

will show you the ports that are needed by the port you are about to
build that are not currently installed

You may also want to look these up using 'man ports':

make all-depends-list
make run-depends-list
make pretty-print-run-depends-list
make pretty-print-build-depends-list

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