Backing up FreeBSD and other Unix systems securely

John Almberg jalmberg at
Mon May 18 14:36:06 UTC 2009

> Is there any possibility of using your own media locally - such as
> tape or a large USB attached disk?    If security is such a primary
> concern, I can't see sending the data to that type of offsite thing.
> Get a couple of large USB SATAs and use dump(8) to back the stuff up
> on them.    Write them encrypted if you need.

I'd have to agree with this... After looking at a lot of options, I  
ended up building a simple freebsd server and connected it to my main  
server on a separate ethernet port via a twisted ethernet cable.  
Thus, the server and backup server had a 'private', high speed  
connection and I can pump tons of data through that connection  
without paying my colo provider for that bandwidth.

A whole server, rather than a USB drive might be overkill, but its a  
little more flexible, and I can use the backup server for a DNS  
server, and a few other things, as well.

-- John

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