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Mon May 18 10:55:49 UTC 2009


is there any progress with port math/scilab on FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE on AMD64 ?

I checked that port (math/scilab) about 2 months ago and today and
still is the following information:
# make install clean
===>  scilab-4.1.2_3 is marked as broken: segfaults during build on
FreeBSD amd64/7.x.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/math/scilab.

I try also under /compat/linux with emulators/linux_base-f8, but with
no succes, when
I downloaded linux version from:

I got the following information:

> /compat/linux/bin/bash

bash-3.2$ /opt/scilab-5.1.1/bin/scilab
ELF binary type "0" not known.
/compat/linux/opt/scilab-5.1.1/bin/scilab: line 133:
/compat/linux/opt/scilab-5.1.1/bin/scilab-bin: cannot execute binary

Here is the output for linux
> sysctl compat.linux
compat.linux.oss_version: 198144
compat.linux.osrelease: 2.6.16
compat.linux.osname: Linux

Is maybe someone who use that version of scilab (5.1.1) under /compat/linux ?
If yes, I would like ask you for help, how to install scilab correctly
and use it.

Thank you for your help and time.


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