Inspiron 15 (aka 1545)

Bob Johnson fbsdlists at
Sun May 17 00:37:03 UTC 2009

This question has sort of been asked before, but I never saw a clear
answer, so here it is, in the hope that someone can save me some time:

I need a cheap, simple, reasonably light laptop, but not a tiny
display, and I'm looking at the Best Buy pre-configured Inspiron 15
(i.e. Inspiron 1545). Anyone have direct experience with FreeBSD amd64
on one of these? Is there anything that isn't going to work?

The video is "Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD". If
it works well enough to watch DVDs and the occasional downloaded
video, I'll be happy.

The wireless card is a Dell 1397 802.11b/g. Will I be able to build an
NDIS driver (presumably on 7.2-RELEASE amd64)?

Is the ExpressCard 34 slot supported?

Best Buy's description is at


-- Bob

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