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> I thought I was the only one this had happened to. :) In my case I
> resolved it by going into the pcre directory itself and build it
> from there.

> That don't make sense. Any chance you had BUNDLED_PCRE selected and
> to untick it in the config dialog? If this really is all you did, then
> maybe extension ordering is the culprit. Move in extension.ini
> and see if the bug resurfaces.

No, I didn't untick anything. I saw the 'undefined symbol' in my Apache
log, and decided to recompile Then the error went away. I had
this happen, 2 years or so ago, with mysql extension for PHP4, too: the
second time compiling it the (other types of errors) disappeared. That's
actually not all that strange, really, because it's entirely plausible
that sometimes, compiling an extension the first time, it is dependent on
something that wasn't built yet the first around.

- Mark

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