Reading warnings when installing multiple ports

mfv mrkvrg at
Fri May 15 17:26:03 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 12 May 2009 13:53:35 Mel Flynn wrote:
> On Monday 11 May 2009 15:21:24 Jerry McAllister wrote:
> > But, I very often wish there was a convenient way to see some of those
> > messages and especially messages about things one has to do during
> > the install, such as manually installing something or getting some
> > license thing handled, before I start the port install.
> >
> > Sometimes I get a question in the middle of an install that I do not
> > know how to answer and it is an awfully inconvenient time to have
> > to start scrounging for information.    Having a commannd that
> > would display all those things and maybe some related information
> > or pointers to information for making an intelligent response - before
> > starting the make -  would be very helpful.
> Do you have specific examples? Cause I can't think of anything that falls
> under your description.

Hello All,

I had a recent experience with editors/  Based on past 
experience I know that the compile would take a few hours.  I started make and 
left to do some chores.  When I returned I discovered that the program had  
aborted as I did not have java installed and had to download a patch from the 
Sun website.

I agree with Jerry about lining up all the necessary ducks so that an upgrade 
does not need constant attention.  Using "portfetch -a -v"  and "portconfig -a 
-v"  followed by "portmaster -a -u -t -v" does most of the work but some 
configure screens still pop up.



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