USB WLAN Atheros and USB Ethernet FBSD 7.2

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Fri May 15 12:52:26 UTC 2009

Marco wrote:
> iam thinking of building a router with usb wlan and usb ethernet 
> controller attached. as the wlan device shall be an AP i would go for 
> atheros stick. however, i'am unsure if anybody has expirience if or 
> which devices should work out of the box with latest stable release. i 
> read something about a "uath" device module but could not find it in my 
> sys-tree.

uath is only available in 8-CURRENT and I am not sure, if it does Host 
AP mode. (The same goes for upgt.)

In 7.2-RELEASE (and 7-STABLE), the only usb wlan drivers are ural, rum, 
and zyd, but zyd does not do Host AP for what I know (and it was never 
stable for me). ural and rum both do Host AP.

Maybe this is interesting for you:

Anyhow, why does it have to be usb? From my own experience, usb devices 
do not work as well as Cardbus or (Mini)PCI. You will probably be much 
more happy, if you get an ath based MiniPCI card.

Jan Henrik

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