root user, graphical programs

Pieter Donche Pieter.Donche at
Fri May 15 12:18:42 UTC 2009

On Fri, 15 May 2009, Mike Clarke wrote:

> On Friday 15 May 2009, Pieter Donche wrote:
> I see from your original post that you're using KDE so you could try a
> third way:
> Use <ALT + F2> to open the run dialog.
> Enter xpdf or whatever in the "Command area.
> Click on "Options", select "Run as a different user and fill in the
> username and password for root.

OK, this works..

Also the other method (extract a $DISPLAY from ~/.Xauthority and 
nerging in /root/.Xauhtority also works now, 
but my DISPLAY was not :0.0 but  MYPCHOSTNAME:0
(from a windows PC I was logged on to the FreeBSD machine using XMing
X-windows terminal emulator)

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