Building gimp without gvfs

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Thu May 14 11:36:29 UTC 2009

On Sunday 10 May 2009, Roland Smith wrote:

> On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 03:00:26PM +0100, Mike Clarke wrote:
> > Each time gimp-app gets upgraded I lose the ability to open URI's
> > with "Open location" or by dragging images from firefox.


> The gimp-app port Makefile should be hacked so that it adds
> --without-gvfs to CONFIGURE_ARGS if the existing GVFS option is set
> to "no". You can try the attached patch 'gimp-app.Makefile.diff'. If
> it works, you can submit it with a PR.
> From the first link, I understand that it _could_ be that the
> --without-gnomevfs currently in CONFIGURE_ARGS needs to be added to
> the first part of the if-statement. If the first patch isn't
> sufficient, restore the original Makefile and try the second patch
> 'gimp-app2.Makefile.diff'.

Thanks for the patches Roland. I've tried both and each of them cures 
the problem for me if I leave GVFS set to "no" with make config.

I've submitted a PR, ports/134536

Mike Clarke

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