Keyboard not working in gnome?

Christopher Arnold chris at
Thu May 14 01:33:46 UTC 2009


i'm currently debugging why my keyboard is not working in gnome, so i 
thought i might throw out a quick question here if someone else have run 
into this?

Im running 7.1-STABLE.

It's a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse (connected with USB) that have 
been woriking for a couple of years. (Actually i'm writing on it now, but 
in a vty) Suddenly in the middle of a session everything hung, so i 

Now i managed to login (That is it works in gdm!) but when i open a xterm 
or any other program it does not work. (as in no keys work not even caps 
lock) The mouse works perfectly. And since the mouse works i can use the 
GUI to logout and back in gdm keyboard works again...

My first thought was that i might have rebuilt some port affecting this, 
so currently i'm rebuilding X11 and gnome.

Have anyone else run into this?
Any hints on what might be wrong?


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