GJournal: Out of cache force switch - With lock up

David N davidn04 at gmail.com
Wed May 13 06:18:11 UTC 2009


I'm running geom journal in debug and I'm seeing some

GEOM_JOURNAL[1]: No cache, waking up the switcher.
GEOM_JOURNAL[1]: Out of cache, force switch (used=...... limit=...... )

But on the journal i left 2GB, how come its running out of cache? or
is that the journal cache that it flushes to disk?

I've also managed to lock up the system, and just trying to pin point
the problem. This is a 7.1R just upgraded to 7.2 with GPT + gmirror +
gjournal with GENERIC kernel.
All SSH no data. Local console is locked as well, but the num lock
light turns on/off.

I had gstat running, and all disk activity went to zero before it locked.

I'm just cp -av from one gmirror to the new gmirror with journal.

I've done it twice so far, with about 1 hour of copying and it'll lock up.

David N

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