FreeBSD 7.1 opencrypto --> kern.cryptodevallowsoft

Brendan Kennedy brendan.kennedy at
Tue May 12 18:46:32 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I'm trying to test a hardware crypto driver, but want to run my tests
through the software driver first (and possibly use the software
driver to validate results).
I have set the following in my GENERIC conf file:

device          crypto
device          enc
options         IPSEC

I have rebuilt the kernel, rebooted and set the
kern.cryptodevallowsoft kernel variable to 1:

FreeBSD_26# sysctl -a | grep crypto
kern.cryptodevallowsoft: 1

However, when I try a test, I get the following:

FreeBSD_26# /usr/src/tools/tools/crypto/cryptotest -va 3des
cipher 3des keylen 24
CIOCGSESSION: Invalid argument
FreeBSD_26# /usr/src/tools/tools/crypto/cryptotest -va des
cipher des keylen 8
CIOCGSESSION: Invalid argument

It seems the software crypto device is not available. Do I need to do
any other steps to enable it? Is there another config option that
makes sure it is build as part of Opencrypto framework? Do I need to
build some other software driver instead?

Best Regards,

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