7.0 -> 7.1 crash every two day

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at mailing.thruhere.net
Tue May 12 17:57:30 UTC 2009

On Sunday 10 May 2009 20:51:48 mailinglist at modernbiztonsag.org wrote:
> Dear List,
> I've upgraded from source my 7.0-RELEASE to 7.1-RELEASE. It's a general
> purpose server for a small company and it's clients, running web, sql, mail
> and recursive dns. The machine is a Compaq ML350 G2. Version 7.0 was
> running on it for a year now without any problem. After 30 of April I've
> upgraded to 7.1 (I've followed the handbook) and since then nearly every
> two day the machine becomes unreachable except for echorequest. If i try to
> log in in the terminal it just hangs after i give my password.
> I'm out of any ideas. Please feel free to ask any more info that I've
> forgotten to provide. Thank You for your help in advance.

If this is a not a GENERIC kernel, did you change scheduler or stuck with 
SCHED_4BSD in your kernel?

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