mount_nfs and fstab options

Martin Badie martinbadie at
Tue May 12 12:46:12 UTC 2009


I have mounted an NFS share like:

mount_nfs -LisT   /mnt

but I can't use -LisT on fstab because man mount_nfs states:

Historic -o Options

             Use of these options is deprecated, they are only mentioned here
             for compatibility with historic versions of mount_nfs.

             bg         Same as -b.

             fg         Same as not specifying -b.

             conn       Same as not specifying -c.

             dumbtimer  Same as -d.

             intr       Same as -i.

             lockd      Same as not specifying -L.

             nfsv2      Same as -2.

             nfsv3      Same as -3.

             rdirplus   Same as -l.

             mntudp     Same as -U.

             resvport   Same as -P.

             soft       Same as -s.

             hard       Same as not specifying -s.

             tcp        Same as -T.  
Thus since I can't give this in -o section at fstab how can I use -List at fstab .. I have used rw,lockd,intr,soft,tcp  but that didn't work:    /mnt       nfs    rw,lockd,intr,soft,tcp          0       0



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