subversion / dav_svn_module : Fatal error 'Recurse on a private mutex.'

Olivier Mueller om-lists-bsd at
Tue May 12 10:11:02 UTC 2009


I have a strange situation on our internal svn server. Since a few days
and some upgrades, if I try to access a new created repository via
apache, I get a blank page and this error in the apache error log:

==> /var/log/httpd/httpd-error.log <==
Fatal error 'Recurse on a private mutex.' at line 986 in file /usr/src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_mutex.c (errno = 86)
[Tue May 12 11:56:02 2009] [notice] child pid 64353 exit signal Abort trap (6)

The only difference between both repositories is the db/format file:

diff -r repos/websites/testing/db/format repos/websites/testing2/db/format
< 4
> 3

If format is "3" (subversion "pre-1.6"), everything works fine, but if
the format is "4" the DAV/SVN part crashes (while everything remains
fine via svn client / svnserve).

I guess I should recompile something (apache?), or change a
configuration somewhere, but I'm still looking where.  Maybe you will
have an idea?  I'd still like to be able to use SVN/DAV with the new svn
1.6.x features... 

Thanks & regards,


LoadModule dav_module         libexec/apache2/
LoadModule dav_svn_module     libexec/apache2/
LoadModule authz_svn_module   libexec/apache2/
<Location /svn/websites>
  DAV svn
  SVNParentPath /[...]/repos/websites
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "SVNoverApache"
  AuthUserFile /.[...]./passwd
  Require valid-user

[om at dev ~]$ pkg_info |grep subv
py-subversion-1.6.2 Python bindings for version control system
subversion-1.6.2    Version control system

[om at dev ~]$ pkg_info |grep thre
libpthread-stubs-0.1 This library provides weak aliases for pthread functions

FreeBSD 6.2/amd64   (upgrade to 7.2 planed for later this month)

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