Openvpn question

Octavian Ionescu itavy at
Sun May 10 08:35:13 UTC 2009

Darryl Hoar wrote:
> Installed Openvpn on my freebsd server.  Had to revoke a certificate
> already.  The Openvpn howto guide says to add crl-verify crl.pem to the
> server config script.  Is that the openvpn server config script or the
> openssl config script (I self generate certificates) ?
> Been googling and searching but can't find a definitive answer.
> Thanks and I know this is not strictly a Freebsd question.
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read this,

you have to revoke the certificate(s) using the scripts and adding 
"crl-verify crl.pem" to the server configuration file.

first time when you add that line you have to restart the openvpn 
daemon, afterthat it will check every time the crl.pem to see if the 
certificate is revoked or not.

Best regards,

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