libcups missing

kenneth hatteland kenneth.hatteland at
Sun May 10 07:51:39 UTC 2009

First of all I`d like to say thank you for putting up with all my 
amateur questions. I hope I can be of use here on the list some day...:)

I had CUPS working nicely on an networked HP cp1515n from all machines 
in the house. But after upgrading FreeBSD and ports to 7.2 my FreeBSD 
machines states this problem when reaching login : /libexec/ 
: shared object "" not found, required by "cupsd"

I guess this has something either to do with cups being recently 
upgraded, or I have negelcted inspecting a file when doing mergemaster 
during upgrade to 7.2

Googling and reading the handbook etc haven`t enlightened me so far....

Anyone have an idea or a know a online source that can help ?

While I am bugging you anyway, I have a problem getting my permissions 
for use of my Packard Bell scanner with xscan not as root to stick when 
I rebbot. It all works nicely when I chmod every time, but where and how 
to make this stick ?

Blessed be

kenneth, Norway

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