Can I rebuild amd without rebuilding world?

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at
Sat May 9 23:49:57 UTC 2009

--On May 9, 2009 5:54:28 PM -0500 Michel Talon <talon at> 

> Paul Schmehl wrote:
>> The amd.ko.symbols file was created when I upgraded to 7.2 last
>> Wednesday.  What creates that file?  And how do I update it?  Could it
>> be the cause of the problem?
> The amd.ko kernel module has nothing to do with the automounter. It is a
> device driver for some hardware (man 4 amd).
> As for your config file, it seems fine at first sight, but perhaps there
> are some "invisible" characters in it causing problems. The syntax is
> explained in
> man amd.conf

Thanks.  I moved the amd.conf file to amd.conf.bak and created a new one. 
Amd still thinks there's a problem:

# amd -F /etc/amd.conf
AMDCONF: syntax error on line 2 (section global)

# cat /etc/amd.conf

I think I'm going to csup sources again and rebuild world.

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