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--On Friday, May 08, 2009 14:56:34 -0500 Christopher Sean Hilton 
<chris at> wrote:
> In the map files you'll need to make sure that the rfs entry matches
> the directory tree that is exporting. e.g. if you
> would manually mount the directory under FreeBSD like this:
>       # mount_nfs -o tcp,intr,nodev,nosuid
> pschmehl /home/pschmehl

I can mount my homedir this way:
# mount_nfs /mnt/unix_home

I assume this means that this should work:

And then I cd to /Home/pauls  (there's a section in my amd.conf file named 
[/Home] that has a corresponding map file amd.home which contains the syntax 
for mapping the drive.

# cat /etc/amd.conf | grep -A3 Home
map_type        =nfs
map_name        =amd.home
mount_type      =autofs

# cat /etc/amd.home
/defaults       type:=nfs;opts:=tcp,intr,nodev,nosuid,umount,vers=3 \

*               fs=${autodir}/${key}

But that fails with a directory does not exist error.

But I can already map my home drive manually.  What I'm trying to figure out is 
how to use our ldap server to mount my home drive so that when/if it gets moved 
again (which happens occasionally) it will still mount and not break.

The Linux construction is:
ldap //rhost/nismapname=auto_home,ldap_base,nfsvers=3,proto=tcp.  I can't for 
the life of me figure out how to get from that syntax to the amd syntax.  But 
since I can't even automount my home using what I thought was the right syntax 
for amd, I guess I need to figure that out first.

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