ndis0 interrrupt storm

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at onetel.com
Fri May 8 20:31:14 UTC 2009

Paul B. Mahol wrote:
> On 5/7/09, Chris Whitehouse <cwhiteh at onetel.com> wrote:
>> In the meantime I've tried the three possible drivers (XP, NT and an
>> unlabelled one). I've also installed a recent 8-current snapshot,
>> updated to latest source and built world, and tried the XP driver. Still
>> get interrupt storms everywhere, also a panic (I think) in 8-current.
>> Should I give up or are there other things to try?
> Panic should not happen. Please provide backtrace(or crashdump or textdump)

`fetch http://www.fishercroft.plus.com/vmcore.1.gz' should get a 
crashdump from a non-debug kernel, see below. It's about 17mb

I built a driver with the XP driver using ndisgen and the same source as 
my recent build world.

I kldload the driver module which also loads ndis.ko and if_ndis.ko.

I've got
in rc.conf and I get ndis0 and wlan0 created when I plug in the card.

The interrupt storm starts when I do

# ifconfig wlan0 <ip addr>

The panic occurs maybe a minute or two after the ifconfig.

I got a panic but I couldn't get a crashdump with the GENERIC kernel 
(nothing relevant to dumpon or savecore happened at all, no boot 
messages, nothing in /var/crash).
I did get a bunch of stuff on ttyv0, I can post a photo somewhere if 
required. Or is there a way to get the screen output in text format?

I built a kernel with the following changes

#cpu            I486_CPU
#cpu            I586_CPU

#makeoptions    DEBUG=-g                # Build kernel with gdb(1) debug 

#options        KDB                     # Enable kernel debugger support.
#options        DDB                     # Support DDB.
#options        GDB                     # Support remote GDB.
#options        INVARIANTS              # Enable calls of extra sanity 
#options        INVARIANT_SUPPORT       # Extra sanity checks of 
internal structures, required by INVARIANTS
#options        WITNESS                 # Enable checks to detect 
deadlocks and cycles
#options        WITNESS_SKIPSPIN        # Don't run witness on spinlocks 
for speed

I got on ttyv0:

interrupt storm detected on "irq11:"; throttling interrupt source

repeated about 20 times then

Sleeping thread (tid 100084, pid 0) owns a non-sleepable lock
panic: sleeping thread
cpuid = 0
Physical memory: 434 MB
Dumping 79 MB: 64 48 32 16
Dump complete

(The above typed by hand)

Let me know if there is more I can do but (caveat) I'm not a developer 
and I only put CURRENT on the machine to test if the problem had been 
fixed, ie please don't flame me if you ask me really difficult stuff and 
I don't understand it :)

uname -a
FreeBSD eight.config 8.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT #0: Fri May  8 
11:20:35 BST 2009     root at eight.config:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/MYKERNEL  i386



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