isc-dhcpd server, HOSTNAME

Derek Ragona derek at
Fri May 8 11:47:16 UTC 2009

At 09:42 AM 5/7/2009, Pieter Donche wrote:
>FreeBSD7 with isc-dhcp30-server.
>It hands out an IP address, OK,
>but the BASH environment variable HOSTNAME is not set. Why?
>(A DNS server is active on the network and can succesfully be queried from 
>a FreeBSD bash command (nslookup or host) to see the hostname associated 
>with the IP-address)

I have a later version of dhcpd running on FreeBSD without problems.  If 
your DHCP scope is setup correctly and your DHCP clients are getting 
settings that work, I'm not sure what is the problem you are 
experiencing.  You hostname variable can be set in the startup bash (or any 
other shell's startup scripts) scripts on login.


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