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Thu May 7 14:33:45 UTC 2009

On Thu, 7 May 2009 09:53:19 -0400, Jerry McAllister <jerrymc at> wrote:
> I know what he thinks he means.   But, what he says is that 
> improvements are against the ethic of FreeBSD and that simply
> is not true.

Never said such thing. In fact, there are many improvements
I'd like to see in FreeBSD, as well as in the applications
provided for this OS (which tend to be sponsored by Bloaty
more and more).

FreeBSD is in fact an excellent OS for beginners, because
it teaches the basics - the things that are REALLY important
when you want to do something with computers, expecially
when you want to do this as a job to make money with it.
Stupidly clicking on squeaking and dancing buttons is
nothing intelligency is needed for. FreeBSD, on the other
hand, improves learning habits, extends knowledge and leads
to precious experiences.

I don't know much about the "ethic of FreeBSD", because I
use it as an OS, not as a church. :-)

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