Maintaining a FreeBSD system - Workcycle

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 7 12:16:33 UTC 2009

> more so (for the base system I just install them always, as it doesn't pay off
> in the long run to skip them). Portaudit for a (web)server has a lot of
> notifications that "are not critical", like several issues over the last year
> with php's safe mode that any sane webserver admin doesn't use.

i don't know really what's PHP safe mode, just if someone says he/she 
needs PHP i make separate jail, and configure whatever she/he wants.

it for sure have a lots of bugs (in PHP directly), and even more security 
holes by stupidly designed webpage he/she will put, but i don't care.

it will not hurt anyone else ;)

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