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Michel Talon talon at
Thu May 7 03:55:27 UTC 2009

Paul Schmehl wrote:

> I'm wondering if I can use autofs on FreeBSD.  Last time I asked the
> question someone said I need amd, which I found rather cryptic. 

Indeed it is cryptic, let me gave an example which works:

niobe% cat /etc/amd.conf
auto_dir        = /.amd
log_file        = /var/log/amd.log
log_options     = error,fatal,user
map_type        = file
search_path     = /etc
map_name        = amd.cdrom
# For nfs mounts
map_name        =

niobe% cat /etc/amd.cdrom
cdrom   type:=cdfs;opts:=ro,nosuid;dev:=/dev/acd0;fs:=${autodir}/cdrom

niobe% cat /etc/
/defaults       type:=host;fs:=${autodir}/${rhost};rhost:=${key}
*               opts:=rw,grpid,resvport,nosuid,nodev,soft

Now some comments. I use amd without options so it just uses
/etc/amd.conf to configure itself. When you try to access /Cd
it uses the configuration in /etc/amd.cdrom, and if you try to access
/Net it uses the configuration in /etc/

Finally if you try to access /Net/ada for example, the key is ada, and
so is the remote host. It is queried for NFS mounts and everything is
mounted. After 
niobe% cd /Net/ada
i have:
niobe% df
ada:/ada                36196652  26972064  7356232    79% /.amd/ada/ada
ada:/ada1              287391356 246682696 26109996    90% /.amd/ada/ada1
ada:/ada2              288362876 180649856 93064956    66% /.amd/ada/ada2
ada:/ada3               99188500  80794628 13273960    86% /.amd/ada/ada3
ada:/adm                36204684   1682772 32653156     5% /.amd/ada/adm

Note that  autodir is /.amd and fs is ${autodir}/${rhost} as you can

Getting out of /Net/ada those mounts are unmounted.

I hope this helps explaining some of the mysteries of amd.


Michel TALON

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