Configuring an IPv6 router to assign addresses

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Wed May 6 15:11:30 UTC 2009

On May 6, 2009 8:56am, John Nielsen <lists at> wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 May 2009 10:39:24 am Odhiambo ワシントン wrote:

> Is there a reason you need to control the addresses used by your clients

> (other than the prefix)? I set up IPv6 on my LAN and while I have DHCPd

> running on the router for IPv4 addresses rtadvd is all I needed for IPv6.

> Clients assign themselves addresses based on the network prefix they

> learn from route solicitation and their own MAC address. That's supposed

> to be one of the "reduced administration" benefits of the new

> protocol. :)

Thanks for reminding me of the flow in which this happens. Seems like I, at  
sometime, got the idea that it was the router that dished back a unique IP  
based on clients MAC and so forth. However, it seems to me now that the  
router was only supposed to dish out the prefix, ie network id, and the  
client would take that prefix and generate a unique IP based on its MAC.

Thanks again,

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