carefull confirm on using linux_base-fc8

Adam Vande More amvandemore at
Wed May 6 03:08:01 UTC 2009

vuthecuong wrote:
> Hi all
> I just did a clean install of freebsd 7.2 final release (I not enable linux
> compatibility during install).
> In first boot, I enabled linux compatibilitty  with linux_base-fc8 as below:
> ====================================
> Add linux_enable=”YES” to /etc/rc.conf.
> Add compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16 to /etc/sysctl.conf.
> Add OVERRIDE_LINUX_BASE_PORT=f8 to /etc/make.conf.
> Add this line to /etc/fstab:
> linproc /usr/compat/linux/proc linprocfs rw 0 0
> mkdir -p /usr/compat/linux/proc
> mount /usr/compat/linux/proc
> /etc/rc.d/abi start
> /etc/rc.d/sysctl start
> cd /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base-f8 && make install clean
> ====================================
> When 'make install clean' in port 'linux_base-f8', I saw that it retrieved
> files (rpm etc) from 
> fc8 directory on the net. However, when I install net/skype, I saw that it
> retrieved files (rpm etc)
> from fc4 on the net (sorry for my bad English).
> (I still not installed X yet so I cannot very fied my skype will run fine or
> not).
> So my question is: is it normal or abnormal when 'make install ' retrieved
> files (rpm etc)
> from fc4, not from fc8 althought I already enabled linux_base-f8?
> If it is abnormal, how can I solve it?
> Thanks and regards
If you intend on using f8, you'll want entries like this in /etc/make.conf


That and other useful information can always be found in /usr/ports/UPDATING

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