Shopping for external harddrive

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at
Tue May 5 14:44:09 UTC 2009

Daniel Underwood wrote:
> I'm looking to purchase a >= 1TB external harddrive, because I'm
> running out of room on my 300GB external.  Anyone have good experience
> with any particular brands?  I really don't know how different brands
> compare in reliability to one another.  Of course I plan to check CNet
> and other online reviews. But I also wanted to see if any of you folks
> have personal recommendations.
> Thanks,
> Daniel
I recently replaced my Lacie external hardrive (used for backup) with a
WD MyBook.
The Lacie was about two years old and the USB interface failed. The disk
is still ok.  I believe this came along as a result of faulty design

- The disk was on and spinning all the time, no matter if accessed or
not (it was only getting mounted for an hour or two a day)
- There was not enough space in the box and around the disk, very bad

The MyBook quickly spins down when not in use and runs very cool due to
the case design. I expect it to last a lot longer. I believe these come
in 1Tb models as well.

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