MAKE_JOBS_SAFE et al. missing in documentation?

cpghost cpghost at
Tue May 5 10:09:53 UTC 2009

Shouldn't the following variables be mentioned in the Porter's
Handbook and in ports(7)?

(from /usr/ports/Mk/

#    - This port can safely be built on multiple cpus in parallel.
#      The make will be invoked with -jX parameter where X equals
#      number of cores present in the system.

#    - Disallow multiple jobs even when user set a global override.
#      To be used with known bad ports.

#    - Set to disable the multiple jobs feature.  User settable.

#    - Force all ports to be built with multiple jobs, except ports
#      that are explicitly marked MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE.  User settable.

#    - Override the number of make jobs to be used.  User settable.

This is incredibly useful and a lot of ports actually compile cleanly
with MAKE_JOBS_SAFE, though they are still not yet marked as such.


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