Warren Block wblock at
Mon May 4 20:23:21 UTC 2009

On Mon, 4 May 2009, Jos Chrispijn wrote:

> In order to speed up my LAN backups a little bit, I would like to replace my 
> old 10/100 nic with a 10/100/1000 one.
> Should be placed in an ancient Dell of 5 years old. Can someone pls advise on 
> the type nic I should buy (not necessarily a Dell brand)?

The Intel cards are well regarded.  A Pro/1000 (PWLA8391GT) works well 

Many other brands of gigabit cards are based on Realtek chipsets, which 
are not as well regarded.  The Realtek gigabit built into the MSI P45 
Neo-3 FR motherboard seems to work fine.

Probably everyone else will point this out also, but replacing the card 
alone won't give you gigabit; you also need a switch and maybe new 

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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