To file a PR, or not to file a PR. That is the question.

Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon May 4 19:19:12 UTC 2009

In response to Doug Poland <doug at>:

> Hello,
> A server running 7.1-RELEASE(i386) recently starting deadlocking when
> multiple UFS2 snaphosts are being manipulated (via sysutil/freebsd-snapshot).
> Upon searching the PR database, I found a problem repart that appears
> similar (kern/94769) but with my level of expertise, I'm not certain.
> My question, should I go ahead a file a PR, in the hope that more
> visability of the issue is better, and therefore more likely to receive
> attention?  

You'll probably get more mileage by adding details of your problem to
the existing PR.  The person who's handling it will know how closely
the issues are related.

Bill Moran

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