per protocol bandwidth filters for firewall

Tamar Lea tamarlea at
Mon May 4 16:02:57 UTC 2009

Hello all,
I have inherited the job of maintaining a FreeBSD firewall that sits behind
an ADSL line that connects 128 clients to the internet. I have not used
FreeBSD before but have some linux experience. The connections must be
always on though I am allowed to reboot if absolutely necessary. It is using
ipfilter and ipnat. There have been issues with clients taking up too much
bandwidth, so after several hours of careful testing I managed to redirect
all traffic on port 80 to a squid service using ipnat. This uses delay pools
to limit the max speed per user. However I would also like to limit the max
speed per user for streaming traffic on port 1935. Would this be possible
with the current setup and what programs or config would be able to do the

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