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Dan Nelson dnelson at
Mon May 4 15:11:22 UTC 2009

In the last episode (May 01), Nathan Lay said:
> Should install -s really fail if strip fails?  I noticed cross-binutils
> strips everything it my case, one of the utilities it tries
> to strip is a script and install -s obnoxiously fails.  I set DONTSTRIP to
> get around this problem.
> For a point of reference, I'm running a recent 7-STABLE.

It's best that if strip fails, install fails.  strip could unlink the
original file but fail for some reason to rename the temp file to the
original name.

Your problem could be a bug in the cross-binutils Makefile; scripts
shouldn't be installed with "install -s".  BSD-style Makefiles use PROG= and
SCRIPTS= definitions, and automake-generated Makefiles use foo_PROGRAMS= and
foo_SCRIPTS= to install executable binaries vs scripts.
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