Quagga problem

Bc. Radek Krejca radek at ceskedomeny.cz
Sun May 3 17:54:09 UTC 2009


  starting this day I have problem with quagga, I get this messages
  in my log:

May  3 19:15:36 gw bgpd[7225]: Assertion `len < str_size' failed in file bgp_aspath.c, line 619, function aspath_make_str_count
May  3 19:15:36 gw kernel: pid 7225 (bgpd), uid 101: exited on signal 6
May  3 19:15:36 gw bgpd[7225]: No backtrace available on this platform.

   I have latest verison of port quagga, I looks as bug in quagga,
   but I dont know. Do you have any idea for solution?



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