Xdvi with amd64

Andrew Wright andrew at qemg.org
Sun May 3 13:30:49 UTC 2009

Hello Oliver;

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009, Olivier Nicole wrote:

> Is there known issue with the port of Xdvi (/usr/ports/print/xdvi) on
> 6.4 amd64?
> I suspect there is a problem with the size of the int/short/long as
> Xdvi detects wrong number of bits in some font files, while these same
> font files are used without problem by other ports and are identical
> to font files generated in x86 system.

Though I am now on 7.1, I was using xdvi on 6.4/amd64 without
noticing any issues.

Exactly which fonts are you having trouble with?  I can tell you
whether I can reproduce the issue under 7.1.


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