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Fri May 1 17:16:29 UTC 2009

Frank Shute wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 04:04:34PM -0400, PJ wrote:
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>>> Check out
>>> If you have Canadian Multilingual Standard, this option needs to be set
>>> to "ca(multi)". If you have Canadian French, set it to "ca" or
>>> "ca(fr)".
>> This does not set it to the Canadian French; nor can I find anything
>> that does... only my lame setup works using the French azerty (which is
>> rather a pain because it involves complicated finger moves to get the
>> accented characters - I'm familiar with it and can use it; it's just a pita.
> To some extent it depends what applications you use. I use vim &
> LaTeX.
> In vim I can get digraphs for email etc. :help dig
> For hardcopy I use LaTeX for some Finnish and, for example, umlauts are
> \"{o} etc.
> So basically I don't need a foreign keyboard because my applications
> sort that out for me. I'd recommend using applications that don't need
> digraphs entering from the keyboard.
>>>> Option "XkbOptions" "grp:toggle"
>>> If you don't need layout switching just delete this.
>> I guess I wasn't clear. Toggling was meant to mean switching back and
>> forth; switching - just once. I would like to use switching but it seems
>> to only work one way. Can't switch back. rtAlt switches from us to the
>> ca (which oddly seems to mean French, but nothing to do with Canadian or
>> French Canadian. Only fluxbox brings it back and then rtAlt no longer
>> works. Weird.
>> Any idea where the documentation is for this?
> Check out ~/.fluxbox/keys and that it's not interfering. There's a
> manpage for it: fluxbox-keys(5)
>> The man page is rather foggy and has no mention of XkbOptions or
>> XkbLayout or anything about "grp:toggle"
> The X docs are a disgrace IMHO. Where are the docs about the new
> options such as dontZap etc? They don't seem to exist.</rant>
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> Regards,
Glad to hear I'm not the only one complaining about documentation.
The language use is not a question of applications but of text - I don't
have problems in any of my applications in entereing the language text
except on xorg. I can manage it with the current setup, but I just find
it strange that I cannot get the ca(multi) functioning correctly. Could
it be a question of the physical keyboard? I haven't yet tried this one
that works correctly on the FreeBSD machine, but that's next.
On the FreeBSD the ca(multi) does function with multiple accents like
the umlaut - with two keypresses - but on this XP box, the multi gives
me one-stroke accents for the French Canadian accents, upper as well as
lower case except for the ^ caret.
I rather doubt that Tijl Goosemans has enabled the same capabilities for
his *nix or FBSD box as I have on my XP; otherwise I would have had that
done long ago.  As I said before, I can set up the ca(multi) but it's
just not the right one. Just for laughs, I'm going to try this keyboard
on FreeBSD and see what happens.

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